Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Project, pt. 4


This is photo 3 titled "rock" from the current project I'm working on (if you want the details about the project, click here). I'm not completely sold on this image. I'm unsure about the way in which the clean light foreground of body blends into the rough background of rock. I like contrast of texture, but I don't know if this works.

I was trying to get his body and the natural curves the arm and muscle makes to mimic the background of weather-worn rock. I have a b side to share that is in the same pose but magnified:

I'm leaning towards using the first image, but I'd like to know what someone who is seeing these two images for the first time thinks. So, which of the two do you think works best?

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cb said...

wow a cool wall of rock! is that at the beach somewhere? i love how smooth the rock looks with the smooth skin of his back.

Dewi said...

I was going for the second one on first looks, because it looks less artificial, but what I like in the first is that the upper line of his arm runs further in the rock to the right. I think it depends on the photographs your showing next to it in the end.

Let It Be Raw said...

You're completely right Dewi. I won't officially decide until the very end after I see everything together.

Anonymous said...

I'd maybe crop the first photo so that it's closer in on the figure, but his arm isn't cut off. I'm not sure how I feel about his arm being cut off right at the joint in the b-side photo.

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