Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Review #17

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This weeks book review is one of my favorite books that I just began rereading: Robertson Davies The Deptford Trilogy, which is three books in one; Fifth Business, The Manticore, and World of Wonders.

In short, the trilogy is about characters from the same Canadian town that are all connected by a secret, as well as affected by the decisions and actions they take. It works kind of like a memoir, because the trilogy is told mainly by man named Dunstable Ramsay as he looks back over his life. It's not a memoir though, it's fiction, and you have to read about each character to even understand the full story and the reasons behind many of the characters actions.

I like that this book uses characters lives to explain other character's actions, because I feel affected in the same way by the many people, friends, and family that have played and continue to play a part in my own life. The Deptford Trilogy is a great read, it's Canadian, and I recommend it highly.

Here is an image of someone who has affected my life in many different ways:

Old Boy
My good friend Eric.

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