About Me

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Hello, my name is Kiley and I am in love with film.

My pictures are a frenzied attempt to keep my memories and thoughts together. I do this for myself and to remind people of the attachment a photographer can have with a photograph. I created this blog as a time line to organize my photos and open a discussion about photography, art and life.

When I'm not doing photo related stuff I am an amateur of many things and enjoy playing accordion, growing cacti and herbs, foraging for fungi, cooking, sipping whiskey, writing, and real lazy camping.


If you have any questions for me about cameras, film, developing, prints, or would like me to take a picture of you, please email me at letitberaw@gmail.com.

Also, if there is a picture of mine that you love from my Flickr that you would like as a print, email me and we can discuss options (I'm very reasonable!).

Please, do not use any of my photography without asking me first. Copyright 2014 by Kiley Melicker.


Eric Bablinskas of Straight Lines for States wrote a song about my photography!
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