Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Bedroom

I've been working slowly on decorating the house (not doing so well). There quick moments of poster hanging and plans to frame some pictures, but I haven't really done much of anything. I've concentrated more on my bedroom and I'm pretty happy with how things look - it really does feel like my space. So, since I haven't started any projects yet (but boy, I do have some ideas!) I thought it would be good practice to do something simple like detailed shots from my bedroom and give a little update about how things are going.

 photo DSC_1246_zps4f287b88.jpg
Chamomile tea - a necessary staple for sleeping and anxiety. Tea is magic.

 photo DSC_1251_zps23d44ce5.jpg
Shells and knick knacks - I collect shells and rocks. I'm not sure where the army man came from...

 photo DSC_1245_zpsb3523876.jpg
Grow kit! I'm really excited to eat these oyster mushrooms once they're big enough. Not so much now, but in Fall and Winter I enjoy the musty smell of mushrooms drying around my room.

 photo DSC_1247_zps194ac222.jpg
Coffee. Every day.

 photo DSC_1253_zpsc08f3778.jpg
Found this awesome hand in Portland! I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I  love how weird it is.

 photo DSC_1249_zpsde665cae.jpg
Traded my friend a bottle of Pimm's for this type writer. Thanks, friend! I've been typing songs, letters, poetry, stories, and have tried to write at least one positive line a day about something I've witnessed or enjoyed. This has been healing my soul big time.

 photo DSC_1254_zps2cf754de.jpg
This is where I hide the bourbon and scotch. I've been making a point of trying different kinds of whiskeys to expand my whiskey knowledge and also to share good things with friends.

 photo DSC_1256_zps8438c7af.jpg
Batman! He is almost 1 year old. He hates all humans, but I think he likes me a little bit more than everyone else.

 photo DSC_1252_zps590133d4.jpg
I tried to grow crystals in little jars and they came out pretty awful. They look kind of like sea anemone alien spawn. I will probably dump the crystals and fill them up with rocks, sand, shells, or whatever is my wont. Stupid crystals.

There we go. After the shaky start of this year, it is really important to me that my bedroom and house feel like home. More importantly, the town I live in is becoming more and more my home everyday. I am meeting new people, making some really awesome new friends, learning new things, feeling like I belong here and generally just being happy.
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