Thursday, November 17, 2011

Behind Let It Be Raw: the photography progression

Hi everyone,

I started this blog of February 28th, 2010 (to see the first post, click here). The chronology of my photography begins with the year 2005 until present. I'm happy to have kept up with rediscovering some of my older work, seeing it in a new way, and remembering what happened during the time of that photograph. Reorganizing everything was hard work. If you start from the first post and move forward, the progression of my work and how I have seen the world are very interconnected.

Example: from the first roll of film I ever shot

Eric and Banjo

I went through many different stages during my photographic progression such as:


Road Trip

black and white development

Water Spirit


long exposure
Midnight Wharf

Kitty Bank

medium format


black and white projects
Tight Arm II

Ingrid and Odie

graphic design

home-made studio work
Halloween Portrait 2

black and white portraits

It is easy to look at those photos and see they're different, but as the photographer I see how I have been influenced by these stages along with a connection between each and every photograph. I see a "raw" film essence that I have claimed as my own style and signature to my work.

I'll be doing more segments like this to give you a better idea about who I am and what I do as a photographer. For most of you I've only existed for 1-4 months and I thought now would be a good time to share something more from the day to day stuff.


cb said...

your work is really beautiful and i love seeing the progression. the wedding picture is really really awesome and i love the llama one too!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing how artists progress over time! The very last photo is my favorite. I can see how you've narrowed down your photographic interests through this progession to where you are today.

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