30 by 30

Some of these are pretty big dreams or things I will do past 30, but it sure does feel good to have them all written down as motivation. Some numbers are left blank as they are things I no longer want to do and I am thinking of new things to replace them with.
  1. Have my photography published somewhere other than school related publishings
  2. Show my art professionally in a gallery
  3. Buy a semi/professional DSLR
  4. Shoot engagement photos
  5. Travel to Ireland
  6. Shoot wedding photos
  7. Get a super sweet photo editing program
  8. Find/get/use a large format 4X5 camera
  9. Camp in the desert
  10. Go to the grand canyon
  11. Get a dog
  12. Travel to Japan
  13. Sell a photo to a stranger
  14. Travel to New Zealand and Australia
  15. Move to a different State

  16. Make a rainbow cake
  17. Sew something
  18. Throw a surprise party for a dear friend
  19. Have a tea party
  20. Make cream of chantarelle soup from my own forage findings
  21. Create a darkroom in a basement/bathroom/somewhere
  22. Finish an AA/degree in photography
  23. Finish that damn novel (Finished NaNoWriMo 2013!)
  24. Publish a poem
  25. Job security! Shit, I'm an adult now
  26. Live in a house with a bunch of friends (I live with my best friend!)
  27. Be vegetarian for one month (started April 15th)

  28. Make a music video
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