Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Some of you may have noticed the NaNoWriMo button on the left column of my blog. I mentioned a quick blurb about it last Wednesday during a book review. If you're a part of the group of insane people like me trying to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November, please feel free to click the button to check out how behind I am.

I'm using today to catch up, which I almost have as of last night. I'm excited about doing it this year, because this is the first year in the 4 years I have been participating that I have actually been sticking to the plot I began with. This is much more difficult than it sounds, trust me. I often want to write about other things just to get in the amount of words I need each day (which is 1,667).

It's hard work and it is going to eat up my blogging time, so I will probably not be updating photography every day for the sake of my sanity. Just to show you what I've been up to for those of you not participating, here is a short unedited synopsis and excerpt:(Example of a duplex. I found this image here.)

Synopsis: A woman living alone in a neighborhood of duplex homes becomes obsessed with the actions of a neighbor living in a duplex next door and begins to unravel a strange mystery involving mirror lives and imitations.

Excerpt: "Between the slits of the blinds she was not a person; only an image. I hardly ever saw her face and could give no detail to save my life. Now that I think about it, if I had seen her outside at the time I may not have even recognized her to be my mirror neighbor. All that separates us are two walls and an eight foot gap that is the driveway. From the window, I can only see what she looks like from the waist up. Her hair, which I guess is brown, is always up in a bun. One thing I can tell is that it is tightly put up because she never touches it, never pushes a loose strand back and never adjusts what she has done. Maybe her hair would reach her waist, or maybe only her shoulders. Maybe it’s not even her hair at all, but a wig that she wears every day."

It's not too late if you want to write your own novel! Check out National Novel Writing Month to find out more.


cb said...

wow the story sounds great! like rear window and who doesn't love a good mystery! i know i do!

Chrissy said...

Wow, that is amazing! Love it! xxx

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