Monday, November 28, 2011

The Project, pt. 12 + 13



This is photo 12 + 13 from the current project I'm working on (if you want the details about the project, click here).

I'm sharing 2 today because I'm not sure how I feel about both of them in the project. I was really happy with the idea of the second image with the tree, but I think that the first image works better with the rest of the project.

Does anyone have an opinion about this? There is an option, if I have enough time, to use both.

"Wind" is a lucky photo. The breeze blue and Robin was leaning over and the leaves in the background were moving and click! it all came together. I might crop it differently to concentrate the photo more on her hair and her arm, but I'm worried cropping any more will make it look like floating estranged body parts.

"Tree" I like because Chelsea's arm shows strength like the branch on a tree. She's a part of the tree, and she isn't really looking at the camera which makes here distant in the photo. I really like that aspect of the photo, however I'm not so sure it fits in the project, mainly because so much of her face is showing.

I'll have the entire collection up in a week or two to share on here once I am officially finished.

News for this week:
  • Ready for some color film? I sure am.
  • Mushrooms photos will be here soon.
  • I've been collecting herbs for my tincture and may do a little spiel about my favorite herbs.


cb said...

i am just loving your black & white and so wish that i could develop our own film!

Dewi said...

I agree: "wind" fits really nice into the project, but "tree" is beautiful in itself. But maybe I'll change my mind when you show them all together :) I'm looking forward to those mushroom photos!

Let It Be Raw said...

Thanks! I think I will use both.

Anonymous said...

I really like the first one. The angle of her arm combined with that little gust of wind really worked out nicely.

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