Saturday, July 30, 2011

Filfter fun

I have three filters (besides a UV filter that is always on any lens I use) that were originally made for black and white photography to add or change contrast by blocking and letting in select color waves. For example, if I were to take a picture of the sky with black and white film using a red filter, the filter would make the sky look darker because the filter would absorb blue and green waves (filters lighten their own colors and darken their complimentary colors. Color Scheme Designer 3 shows a color wheel and an option that shows complimentary colors. It's fun to play with and is fun to use when planing color schemes. This website also gives an example of what a black and white photo looks like with different color filters).

Enough technical stuff. Though I do think knowledge of how color filters works is important, the main point I want to make here is that filters can be used in many ways. I use filters a lot with color film and digital, not just black and white. There is nothing complicated with using them in color because what you see is what you get (rather than blocking colors, everything looks more red, green, or yellow depending on what filter you use.)


yellowfilter redfilter
Yellow No. 15; Red No. 25
Green No. 11

Some filters are also much stronger than others, like the red filter show above. It made my backyard look like it was on fire!


And this photo was take with a yellow filter for a fun affect. As you can see it isn't as strong as the red filter:


And for this photo I used a yellow and green filter together:

I'm hoping more to encourage experimentation. Cover your lens with crumpled saran wrap or color gels. Take a portrait of your cat with a purple filter. Use things that are generally used for something else and have fun!

p.s. I'm taking a Sunday break and will be back on Monday.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flicr Favorites #4

This weeks flickr favorites inspiration is: Dusk





1. Tamara Lichtenstein
Elif Sanem KarakoƧ
Joe Nigel Coleman
4. Kelly.Marie

Dusk is also known as the "magic hour" because it is that part of the day, right before sundown, with the most superb, golden, beautiful, lighting lighting. There is another magic hour, the one before sunup, but I hardly ever wake up in time for that one...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review #4

Cover of Carl Sagain's The Demon-Haunted World which you can find here.

I put up a lot of my photography on this blog. You see the images and the story, but I rarely ever talk about the science behind photography. This is why the book review if this week is a book by Carl Sagan. He is a reminder to me to pay attention to the science behind things I take for granted, things I don't understand, the things that could potentially cause fear.

Images are everywhere, and with digital cameras anyone can be a photographer and throw a picture onto the internet. The same can be done with film. An image can be scanned, become a digital file and then there you go, it is also on the internet. What you see are mainly film images that I scan, but there is much more behind that than stories of pictures.

There is a science in understanding how an aperture works, deciding what shutter speed to use based on daylight and wanted sharpness of an image. There is science in the chemicals used to make, develop, and print film. In a darkroom, I always feel more like a mad scientist than I do an artist as light hits paper and shades come to life in developing fluids.

I am leaving a lot of details out. To be fair, it would take me quite a while to talk about every scientific detail I would like. So I thought it would be better to leave it like this and perhaps sound intriguing enough to some one who will pick up a camera, a book, and some black and white film.

My Father's Scar
This image and others were made from film on photographic paper. Mad scientists, unite!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I said I would put up some pictures of the garden, but I'm waiting on some film and some time to take nicer pictures of it. For now, I thought I would share some of my cacti. I'm a definite cacti enthusiast and have been growing them for about 4 years. I just planted some new succulents today and I'm really excited to share their cuteness.
Baby toes, stone faces, and titanopsis calcareum. In the background are two planted living rock succulents (All from South Africa).

DSC00859 june2011_14
The succulent on the left was harvested from Arcata, CA. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it seems to be doing well planted in sand.
On the right is my lovely trio of cacti, all of which were are the oldest of the bunch. Bottom left is an old lady cactus (not kidding!), bottom right is a ball cactus, and top left is a columnar cacti, though I'm not sure what kind.

Cacti are really fun to grow and generally easy to take care of (and are great for people who forget to water their plants).

I'd love to hear about the plants you grow!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rock Collection

My grandfather was a serious collector, though probably more of a pack-rat. He saved things that didn't need to be saved, but he also reused and recycled things so nothing would to waste. He was a huge part of my life and helped in raising my brother and me. He was an engineer, craftsman, carpenter, welder, and pretty much did everything he could with his hands. He died this year and it was really hard for me, but I can't help but be happy with everything he taught and shared with me.

Over the weekend my father and I were going through some of my grandfather's things and I found a box full of rocks that were labeled, dusty, and beautiful.


It was like finding a piece of my grandfather. I know they're only rocks, and things, but I still felt like I was closer to my grandfather because they were rocks that he liked and collected.


It was a happy find.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nifty Thrifty Sunday #2

My recent thrifts have been taken over by the cuteness of... Owls!

Cute little owl family.

Owl mugs! XD

Wooden painted owl hanging.

I have a special post for tomorrow that I'm really excited about! Also, I'm hoping to take some more pictures soon. My light meter battery died so I haven't been taking as many pictures as I would like.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Devin's Request

A good friend, Devin, requested this: "I want to see a collection of your photos of Nick'n'Nature."
So that is exactly what this is:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flickr Favorites #3

Today's inspiration: Night Photogtaphy



1. Marina Vieira
2. Mister Sullivan
3. Cornelia Mitter
4. Raqeebul Ketan

I'm a huge fan of night photography. It's challenging to do, but is totally worth it for the eerie feel and beautiful images. I have two previous posts dedicated to my own night photography (with film only, of course!) that you can see here and here. I plan on doing some images this weekend of my neighborhood with film, tripod, and timer. It's going to be a spooky adventure.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Deadly Doodler

On Tuesday I did a post about my creative friend Eric who writes and makes beautiful music. I want to continue the spread of creative minds and talk today about Chelsea.

Chelsea authors The Deadly Doodler, which is a blog dedicated to her many spooky and intriguing drawings, paintings, and crafts.

(This zombie cross-stitch sign is my favorite so far!)

Chelsea does a fantastic job in all her posts of creating an interesting background story about how her art is made, what is used, and her interpretation of it. You should definitely check out her deadly doodles! (unless you are weak of heart)
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