Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photo Project Part X

Tight Arm II by Let It Be Raw
Tight Arm II, a photo by Let It Be Raw on Flickr.

This is the final photo of my project. I tried to present them at random or when I was finished with a print, but this was definitely one of my favorites and thought it would be a good end to the project. It also pairs well with the picture of my father's arm which you can see here.

I had a lot of fun doing this photo with the ever-so-patient Nick. I had been thinking about tights as a way to play with the idea of skin and color, and Nick had no qualms with putting tights over his arm for the sake of this photographic idea. Thank you!

There are no entire bodies in any of my shots which really works with my original idea of deconstructing the body or presenting aspects of beauty out of context (like in this photo, tights are taken out of context). However, that is the way I see it. People I have shown my project to, including my family, friends, and photo class peers, see many different emotions and themes including humor, depression, loneliness, happiness and many other feelings.

This weekend I'm going to put all the photos together in one post and hopefully start some sort of discussion with random viewers on the internet. I'm pretty much baring my soul through this project and I want to know what strangers think.

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Sy said...

I think its a really cool project Kiley, looking forward to seeing how it develops! ;-)

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