Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kavanaugh Brothers Celtic Experience

My first band photo! Also, my first roll of medium format color film. This film is amazing. The detail, the color, just wow, blows my mind.

So this is a great band that has played at a few epic parties. They play Celtic and Americana music as well as a few fan favorite of mine like John Lennon's "Oh Yoko!" They asked me to take a picture of them after the party and I was more than happy too. They're a great group of guys that are fantastic musicians, check them out!

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Anonymous said...

hi, kiley; once again, GREAT job on our band photo!; we feel truly blessed to have been selected for your first band photo!; take care, my friend, and all the best,

- timmy & the boys (Kavanaugh Brothers Celtic Experience)

on the web:

for booking:

phone: 408.221.4409
email: (timmy)

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