Monday, June 27, 2011

Photo Project Part VII

rose heart by Let It Be Raw
rose heart, a photo by Let It Be Raw on Flickr.

This was a very unplanned photo and it made it into my photo project at the last minute. Nick had just woken up and was laying outside in the sun. The roses were in full bloom and some, like this rose, had fallen from the bush. I placed the rose on his chest and then thought, "oh! I should take a picture of this!"

I didn't plan much of this project. The idea of what I wanted to do floated around in my mind and then I experimented with subjects until what I imagined came to life.

My creative process works and learns through doing, sort of like cooking. Let's say you know you want something savory, but you don't have a recipe. So you pull a bunch of ingredients that you think will go well together to make a savory meal. No directions, no plans, just making do with what you have. It doesn't always work well the first time so there is room for improvement though experiment and the knowledge gained from previous trials.

I would like to improve on this image by shooting at a different time of day and with grass instead of cement as a background.

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