Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Black and White, Please

I can tell from flickr, tumblr and photography labs that though film is really popular right now, black and white film just isn't as popular as color film. A lot of people are all entranced with film and swear to film only, yet they shy away from black and white. I find it strange that film purists don't use black and white. It's like saying you only eat authentic Mexican food but then only eat at Chevys. That's not a very good analogy, but hopefully I make sense.

Black and white film can teach anyone who uses film how to be a better photographer. It teaches awareness of shadows and light, composition, contrast, style, grain, aperture, texture, shutter speed, and much more. It's a film that will always be classy, dramatic, artistic, and versatile. Most importantly, it takes practice to think in black and white so that your photos won't come out flat and disappointing. Anyone can take a color film picture, but the building block of black and white film definitely makes a difference in the quality and beauty of that picture. You with me?

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