Sunday, June 19, 2011


Backyard by Let It Be Raw
Backyard, a photo by Let It Be Raw on Flickr.

This is part of the backyard from a roll of black and white that I took with the Yashica Mat 24G the day the camera arrived to make sure it worked (but mainly because I was so freaking excited to use it).

I have a scanner that scans 35mm and slide film so I no longer have to pay for prints (I'm making hardly any monies) but that scanner doesn't scan 120 size film. I was very disappointed when I found out. Luckily, the photo lab at school scans 120! The program is very delicate after being manhandled by many students, so this picture was scanned as a color for some reason. All the other black and white negatives were scanned as they were, but for some reason the scanner refused this photo its natural mono-ness.

Technology is messing with me. (I will deny any and all operator error today).


Sy's Prints said...

beautiful garden, love the cactus

Let It Be Raw said...

Thanks! The cacti are happy that summer is here.

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