Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Review #21

This weeks book review is "Three Strong Women" by Marie NDiaye.

image source
Ndiaye is a wonderful story teller, weaving thoughts into character's actions as they take place, making the character's she writes about so real that you can feel their emotions. This book was also translated with care from French, and I did not feel at all removed when reading it. I especially like this book because 1) it is a book about real things that happen to women and 2) it is about women caught between Africa and France, a topic not very much discussed or thought of when Americans think about France. I mean, that's certainly not something I thought of before I read this book - I though of art, wine, baguettes, museums - subjective ideas of what I think France is like.

"Three Stong Women" will get into your head and change the way you think about women in other countries. I always try to add an image to my book reviews that reminds me of the book, so this time I have an image to share that has also gotten into my head and refuses to leave:


I took this picture during a time of my life that involved a lot of change and huge decisions - it's something that is a part of me now and always will be.

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