Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Row Boating in Golden Gate Park

I really love Golden Gate Park in San Francisco! I have been to the park many times for shows, like Hardly Strictly Blue Grass, I have been there for picnics, and I have been there for the museums. This day, I went for a picnic and a little row boat adventure. 

 Nick and Eric, row boating and loving it.

 Eric and me. I'm talking during a picture, as per usual. 

 Devin played banjo while we floated around. I kinda felt like I was floating down the Bayou... though I've never actually been there so my idea of the Bayou is basically Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride from Disneyland. That's how my thought process works, apparently. I free-styled lyrics poorly about the row boating adventure while Devin strummed, but I'm hoping that my friend Eric will write a song about it and then I can share it here later. Sound like a good idea Eric?

And a turtle! They were everywhere and not scared of people. FYI turtles are my spirit animal.

I have more things from San Francisco to share later this week, so stay tuned!

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cb said...

i went to that lake earlier this year but didn't rent a boat. we had our bike and no lock. it looks like so much fun. i am a huge fan of golden gate park too, such an amazing park. we are probably going to go to the hardly strictly bluegrass show this year too! we have missed it the past two years and that is not right!

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