Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book Review #20

Remember when I was doing a book review every week? I really enjoyed doing that, but really just ran out of time to write interesting things about books. Such a horried excuse because I friggn' love books and am a bibliophile. Let's get real, I've been lazy.

It Chooses You by Miranda July is the book for this week. I read this at the beginning of summer after finding out the July was doing another movie called The Future (She has another move out called Me and You and Everyone we Know - have you seen it?) The book is definitely fascinating - July meets strangers selling items through a local pennysaver (ie paper craigslist) and write about her expereinces in meeting these people and the stories she tells.

However, what I find to be most interesting is that July wrote the book while having writers block for her movie's screen play. How proactive is that? I am just all over the idea of doing other creative things when you have a block for some other project. The change and practice of another creative activity just opens up new ideas and views because creativity flourishes through cross-training. I think of all the books I've read, places I've gone, and the stories or poems I've written and how they have challenged my ideas of photography and given me new insight to my projects.

Eric B
This photo was inspired by music, writings, and books. Sometimes I think really hard about an image before I take it, and other times it isn't until after I've taken a photo that I notice what secretly influenced me.

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Anonymous said...

I often get artist's block when I start to overthink things and try to "come up" with a great idea rather than just following my gut and seeing what happens. Exploring other artistic mediums or even just breaking out the craft table definately gives the brain a rest so you can come back to doing what you do best.

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