Friday, August 10, 2012

The Golden Gateway

I've been photographing architecture and public/private spaces in San Francisco for my good friend Devin. It's been a challenge, often times because the buildings in question aren't very photogenic, but also because I don't photograph a lot of architecture. At some point in the near future, Devin will be writing about these spaces in San Francisco and I will share a link to the article when that happens. For now, I'd just like to give a sneak peak of my favorite Golden Gateway images.




Untitled    Untitled

What I gathered most from the Golden Gateway is it's lack of friendly and identifying spaces. Hundreds of people live there, yet I saw hardly any people while photographing. The Gateways is also a level up above the street - you can walk blocks and never actually touch the ground. 

It's a little unnerving how removed it is from the City it's self because it makes me feel like I could be anywhere. It's like how when you walk into a Safeway (or other chain supermarket) and you could literally be anywhere in the US because all Safeways are designed to look the same. There is no character of the town or city you may be in. I did not walk into the Golden Gateway and think yes, I am in San Francisco.

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cb said...

is this over near the embarcadero? i find that area and the housing is super strange for that very reason. there is no character which is sad but the pictures especially the last left one is great. the lighting is wonderful!

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