Thursday, August 30, 2012

Golden Gate Park pt2

Continuing on the tour of Golden Gate Park and heading on over to the West end in the Beach Chalet. The Beach Chalet is also in front of the two windmills. I didn't take a picture of windmills, and I kind of wish I had, but I was just so surprised to find them in the park that I admired rather than photographed. Anyways, back in the Chalet (which is also a brewery and restaurant that I want to eat at) there is a mural:


Mural 03

Mural 02

It's a mural that goes around the entirety of the lobby inside the Chalet, showing scenes of community in San Francisco from the 30s. There are also wonderful stairs with sea creatures carved into the structure and wonderful mosaic patterns below the mural. It's a pretty gorgeous place and these photos don't do it justice. This was commissioned to be public art! I wish there were more things like this EVERYWHERE.

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cb said...

Wow, i dont think i haver seen this. Where is lake chalet? Is that where the row boats are? Man, i feel so sad that i have never seen this. Now i must make it my mission!

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