Thursday, August 23, 2012

Golden Gate Park pt. 1

I took a ton of pictures in Golden Gate Park a few weeks ago and have been ever so slowly going through and editing them. All the images are for use of a project my friend Devin is working on, similar to the Golden Gateway project (you can see picture from that post here).

It was a challenging photographic experience for me because, like the problems I had before with the Golden Gateway, I don't take a lot of architecture or landscape photos. I also don't have the right kind of lens with my digital SLR to do that kind of work, so often my images of buildings are a little contorted. But I learned a lot and had a great time shooting. One of the more fascinating and not-photography-related things I found out during this project was that there are a ridiculous amount of things to do in Golden Gate Park. Seriously! It is absolutely mind-blowing how much time you can spend there and still not do everything.

Golden Gate Park Restroom
One of the most important things a park needs: a restroom!

Not that exciting, but I thought it was pretty funny for the restroom to be sort of hiding in bushes and trees. It's like I'm doing my business in nature!


Have I disappointed you yet? I'm sure the beginning of this post was interesting.

Ok, it's the restroom again. But it's a nice restroom - look at the roof! There are details where there could have been a slab of cement. This bathroom could have been super ugly and not nestled kindly in bushes and trees. I think the most interesting part is that you don't know it's a bathroom from the sidewalk. Also, I did not feel uncomfortable using it - that is a high compliment in the world of women's restrooms.

This is the last time I will ever talk about a restroom so much. Pt 2 will have some interesting kind of socialist murals. Sound good?


Anonymous said...

That IS a really pretty bathroom! I think it's worthy of picture taking.

cb said...

that bathroom totally makes sense those, there are soo many hidden things in that park and i know i haven't seen them all and i was born there and have visited the park millions of times! it is the greatest park. i hope you share your friends project. i am so interested!

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