Monday, September 3, 2012

Golden Gate Park pt3

(view pt1 or pt2)

Moving along West to East in Golden Gate Park, our next stop was the Archery Range. It's on  the Northern side of the Park, and has a wonderful view of both the Park and the City overlapping. That overlap is particularily interesting to me, because sometimes in the middle of the Park it's easy to get a little lost and feel like you're somewhere else than San Francisco.

archery range

archery range 2


This last image is actually outside of the Park, and is the location of where the San Francisco Boardwalk once stood in the 40s. Here is what this are used to look like (and I wish it was still around!):



Anonymous said...

The first photo is a great shot. It's so bizzare looking for some reason, the overlap of that perfect line of trees with the city behind it!

cb said...

Archery!!! I used to dabble in that when i was little. Have not been there either! I love these posts becuase it reminds me that i need to exlpore ggp more!!

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