Friday, December 16, 2011

Black and White Project: Bodies and Nature













This is the entire project. I presented it with mattes in a small room last night for my professor and students from another photo class. In the end, I found the portraits to be a little repetitive, but in a way that worked for me because of the many different texture and backgrounds. It wasn't about the people, it was about the way the bodies looked in nature. There are hardly any faces because I wanted the viewer to feel distant from the image and pay more attention to the movement between the background and the body.

I have a thing for texture in black and white, so this project was a fun experiment for me in that perspective. Clicking any title of a photo will take you to the post in which I talk about a photo individually.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this because I sure enjoyed sharing and talking about each photo.

Thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts, your comments have helped in through the thinking and developing process of this project.


Anonymous said...

It's so awesome seeing these all together. I must have missed the "sky" one... That one is such a gem! It's just so gorgeous... and I love how the hair fades into the sky at the bottom... and that little bit of frizziness in the model's hair works with the clouds. In my opinion, the sky one and the first wet hair one are the best of the group. Nice job!

Nicole said...

your photos are amazing!! you really inspired me, you're really talented!!


EMCC said...

this series is captivating. and the photograph "creek" is breathtaking. i admire your eye. you are very talented. i would love for you to take my portrait someday.

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