Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Geometric Happenings

I really enjoy recycling old film photos that I don't share or use online, and have been working on three different designs. They're all from the same photo, though I may eventually go back and remake a few with a different image.

Every technique I used involved reorganizing one image into others like a puzzle.

"rainbow" available on Etsy
geometric lake 2

"geometric lake" available on Etsy
geometric lake

"earth compus" available on Etsy
geometric lake 3

This is what the original image looks like:
Empty Chesbro

What do you think? Have you been recycling any unused objects or photos?


Drew said...

These are incredible! love em' and your blog is gorgeous!

Mallory said...

I teach high school art so I am a master at reusing the weird stuff that nobody else needs. These photo designs are totally rad and are really inspiring.

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