Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Double Exposures: You can do them too!

Short story. I was using color film in my camera and didn't finish the roll in time for my photo class which required black and white film. So I wound up the color film and decided to use it when my photo class was over, hoping for a few interesting double exposures. Three months later, I forgot how many photos I had taken with the color roll and just started the whole thing over again. It turns out that I had actually shot 17 out of 24 frames.

Now I have lots of double exposures because I thought I had only used 7 frames. However, I am not disappointed in my lack of recording information because this roll of film came out like magic.

(To see a larger size of this image, click here)

(To see a larger size of this image, click here)

(To see a larger size of this image, click here)

Yay magic! I'm working on a few close ups right now which is hard because I don't want to separate the images. On the weekend I'll share some more.
(edit: see the separated images in this post)

Do you have a film camera and want to try making double exposures?
1. Shoot an entire roll of film.
2. When winding the roll, make sure to leave about an inch of film. Basically, don't wind the roll all the way.
3. Reinsert film and re-take the roll. If you want darker images, underexpose by a stop or two.
4. If you have the ability to scan negatives, make sure you ask to not have your negatives cut so that you can cut them yourself in the best possible places. One way to make sure that there is a space to cut is to take a photo every 5 images or so with the cap on.
5. If you don't have a scanner and someone else cuts your negatives, have no fear! You can piece them back together like a puzzle with any photo editing software.


Angel said...

those look awesome!

Mallory said...


I need to get Holga back out on the town and do some more of this.

cb said...

i love double exposures. i have shared a few on the blog. i really want to do a whole roll of them that sounds like a great idea.

Little Lo Hood said...

Wow those are so awesome! I want to do more too! This is definitely inspiring! :) -Lo

lowercase letters said...

this are so amazing! you are so talented!(:
memory * * * *
* * *
* *
* *
* *

Ly said...

I miss film cameras. That's all we used in photog class in high school.

I love how some of the double exposure pictures turned out.


Anonymous said...

I love the third one and last one... so neat! This makes me want to break out my Diana mini again and take some fun photos. I definately will over winter break.

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