Saturday, December 10, 2011

Double Exposures Close Up

Earlier this week I shared some double exposures in this post. Today I'm sharing some individual images from that roll that make my eyes tingle.

(I love that in the above photo, the hand of god has oyster mushrooms!)

I love experimenting with film. The images were an accidental mash of summer and fall images that turned out to go pretty well with each other. Funny how that works.


lowercase letters said...

these are too cool for words, kiley. great job! the second of the mushroom is my fav.
i got the postcards in the mail today! thank you so much! i LOVE them!! the water one is my favorite...but i love them all! thanks again! i can't wait to use them(: but they're almost too special and pretty to use!!

cb said...

i love the mushrooms peeking out of all these! tom and i did a roll this weekend but need to do the double exposure part and then go get it developed! you inspired us!

Anonymous said...

I love double exposures! Yours are really smartly arranged as well. All I usually do in photoshop is basically imitate double - exposures by layering different photos I've realized.

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