Thursday, December 8, 2011

Your Photo Friend

Do you have a crazy photography friend? Or someone that dabbles with film? Well, here is a little list of things any photographer would love to have for the holidays.

1. An old camera. Preferably a working old camera. I certainly light up and drool over the idea of using a brownie, bellows, or 70s Polaroid camera.

2. A camera strap. If you tend to wear a camera every day and all day like I do, it's nice to have a sturdy camera strap that is also nice looking. It's simple and will be well used.(source)

3. A camera bag. Sometimes you just need to carry around another camera and 3 other lenses on a 30 minute hike. It happens to the best of us, and it's better to happen with a decent camera bag.

4. A toy camera! They're friggin' everywhere now and they make for great gifts. They're also fun to rip apart and restructure so that they will do your evil photographer bidding. I mean, they're kinda cheap and made of plastic so go for it!

5. Film. It's like gold. I treasure it, I smell it, I use too much of it. It can be a tricky gift though if you don't know anything about film. So if you don't, don't buy it! But if you do, it's fun to buy expired film, special contrast or neutral color film, or even infrared film for that special photographer friend of yours. Or even just regular film. Seriously. If someone gave me a box of film for Christmas I would pee my pants with joy and not be ashamed.(source)

So there you have it. You could make a photographer's day with any one of these gifts this holiday.


Brittany said...

All perfectly exciting gifts!!

cb said...

going to the store today to get trim and making camera straps for christmas presents!

Sarbear said...

I would love to receive any of these. Great ideas! :)


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