Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ingrid and Odie

I photographed Ingrid while she practiced dressage in the sand arena with her beautiful horse, Odie. I used Ilford SFX 200 which has extended red sensitivity. In other words, it's almost infrared film. With the film, I made sure to use a red filter to add more red sensitivity and dramatic effect. In the end, the photos came out pretty rustic looking and look as if they were taken at night. I definitely want to do this again with a less experimental type of film and with the new things I learned about getting good action shots.

Dressage Ingrid and Oatey

Fancy Footwork

Oatey Flare

Hooves and Dust

I take too many pictures of llamas Buster
I have too many photos of llamas.


Cas said...

Gorgeous!! Love the rustic feel. Though I've gotta say... the last llama shot is my fav. :P

lindsi said...

wow, these pictures are beautiful! you're so talented.

Laura said...

Really lovely photos, plus you can never have enough llama photos ^^

Let It Be Raw said...

Thanks, everyone! Got to love the llamas. I'm going to give them some pets today.

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