Saturday, September 24, 2011

Guest Post --- The Deadly Doodler

Hello Inquisitive Minds!

Today I am honored with the privilege of posting as a guest on my friend Kiley's blog! As you know, Kiley is an investigator. She likes to learn how things are done and how they work. So today I'm going to write about painting and the process thereof.

This week Kiley and I got together to pursue a common interest: painting and drawing. We decided to draw her cacti because she's got this gigantoid collection of different species she's found all over California. She even has ones that look like brains and butts!! Anyway, we set up a pot of cacti as models for our paintings and began to torture the paper, ink bled all over those pristine white surfaces and we came up with some fiendish-looking specimens. We used water-soluble graphite so our preliminary sketches would be washed away when we started painting. For the second layer I used coffee on Simba, and the rest is acrylic ink. We used one made by FW ink that's iridescent blue/white when it dries... it's so beautiful and I think it looks sensational with the red spot. :)

This one looks a bit like the Flying Spaghetti Monster, don't you think?

Then I tried drawing the baby toes, then the brains with no success. I decided on drawing her cat, Simba, who was sunning herself on a chair outside using water-soluble graphite. Unfortunately when I brushed over the surface with the water, the cat got washed out and looked like a cat-spot. So later I took it home and defined the spot with acrylic ink and more aquarellable pencil. I think it turned out nicely, even if it is a little morbid... In my defense we were talking about not eating cats because we couldn't finish the whole thing (I know that sounds terrible but that's just my sense of humor). We decided that Simba is too old and doesn't have enough meat on her bones. So she's set for the Zombie Apocalypse: she's off the menu. ;)

Simba through the eyes of a zombie.

In the end, painting is all about layering. First you draw out what you want your image to look like, then you add layers of color or gray. Then you step back to let it dry and go back to it. It's up to you: your art is only finished when you decide that it is :)

This has been TheDeadlyDoodler. Thanks for reading!

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Lexie said...

That's really cool, I can totally see the inspiration of a brainy looking cactus on the first painting. The second looks like a cat murder scene though, haha! I don't do a lot of painting with water based media, but I ought to try it more often.

rach. said...

this is so cool.

love, rach.

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