Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Post --- Deer in a Bottle

Hi everyone! I'm happy to share with you an easy tutorial for making your product photographs beautiful! I use this for all my jewelry in my etsy shop.

First take a photo that obviously needs some retouching. I used my nikon with a lightbox set up for this photo, but it still could use a little work.

Step 1: Create a new layer fill for Brightness/Contrast.

Step 2: Boost the brightness up until your photo is more vivid. Don't worry about getting it completely white yet.

Step 3: Choose a dodge brush and select midtones.

Step 4: Start brushing the background of your photo. The gray background soon becomes a lighter white.

Step 5: Now select your burn brush to darken your product. For this necklace, dodge creates a deeper color.

Here is your finished product!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! And I hope your product photos become beautiful and amazing!

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Beth said...

Thank you for this! I have been paying around with Gimp lately. Also, I will check out your etsy shop. I love browsing around shops! I'd love if you checked mine out too!

cheers, and thanks again! Great post!

Lexie said...

That's very helpful, thanks for sharing!

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