Monday, September 5, 2011

Etsy, why are you so beautiful?

I keep finding outrageously beautiful, inspiring, and unique things on Etsy that make my eyes drool. That sounds weird, but I will share with you some of my favorite finds and then maybe you'll understand.
This is absolutely stunning! It's space, night, and sparkles all in one. It's hard to choose one favorite from Friedasophie Jewelry Design. I'm a sucker for gem stones.

2.I would write letters upon letters with these note cards. There are also a lot of very neat stickers and stationary at Petite Paperie.

3.I love me some fungus, especially in a badass frame like this one at Sushipot.

4.I would absolutely love to have these photos in my future living room. Or pretty much anywhere in my future house, actually. Tracey Capone Photography is full of beautiful photography.

I will have more photography soon! I'm trying to keep up with blogging even though I don't have much new photography to share (film costs money to develop, sadly). Stay tuned, folks.


cb said...

that necklace is brilliant, like a tiny galaxy inside that gem!

Lily said...

Oh yes, the necklace definitely stole my heart! It's gorgeous, having a whole galaxy for yourself! Thanks for sharing!

amberlee said...

I have fallen in love with that necklace, so beautiful. I try and stay away from etsy these days, so many things to tempt me!

la said...

Oh my! I love all of these things too!. Eek.
Thank you for such kind words on my blog, I hope you will stop by again soon! Your blog is beautiful. :)

Let It Be Raw said...

That necklace is a winner for sure, and the reason I try to stay away from etsy, too! I'm so happy the blogging world wide thing was created otherwise I wouldn't have been able to find all these awesome blogs.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, thank you for sharing that gem stone, so freaking gorgeous! I may need to purchase something from this etsy store...

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