Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Summer Leaves


A photo friend and I found a very magical and beautiful place on the way to Uvas Canyon, right next to a creek. It was mostly magical because we had been driving around Coyote Valley finding places to take pictures when it was 101 degrees out and were ecstatic to find a cool and shady place with water. In other words, we found an Oasis.

I was surprised that these images came out at all because I hadn't used the Yashica in low lighting yet and didn't know what to expect (and I had left the tripod at home). Surprisingly these images didn't come out blurry (I have lots of practice as a human tripod).

I'm thinking this Friday will be the perfect time to experiment with the medium format camera at night because there will be a full moon. I'm going to get really nerdy/excited about this.

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