Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I said I would put up some pictures of the garden, but I'm waiting on some film and some time to take nicer pictures of it. For now, I thought I would share some of my cacti. I'm a definite cacti enthusiast and have been growing them for about 4 years. I just planted some new succulents today and I'm really excited to share their cuteness.
Baby toes, stone faces, and titanopsis calcareum. In the background are two planted living rock succulents (All from South Africa).

DSC00859 june2011_14
The succulent on the left was harvested from Arcata, CA. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it seems to be doing well planted in sand.
On the right is my lovely trio of cacti, all of which were are the oldest of the bunch. Bottom left is an old lady cactus (not kidding!), bottom right is a ball cactus, and top left is a columnar cacti, though I'm not sure what kind.

Cacti are really fun to grow and generally easy to take care of (and are great for people who forget to water their plants).

I'd love to hear about the plants you grow!


cb said...

these are gorgeous! i am a huge cacti and succulent person, that is all we grow in our garden well that and a few california poppies :)


Let It Be Raw said...

Oh, I bet those poppies look fantastic among all those green cacti!

Cas said...

I've thought about growing some cacti! I'm horrible when it comes to watering plants... so they would be perfect for me. Though I live in Wisconsin and have no idea where I would begin! Might have to do some research. :) Sea Marie

Let It Be Raw said...

Many cacti survive well indoors!

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