Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Why cats? Because they are cute, fuzzy, and like to annoy me when I'm trying to do things (like walking across the keyboard when I'm typing). Also, I have oodles of film to develop and am going to have a few random filler days until I can scan the negatives.

This can still be a photographic discussion. I'll admit, these photos are not the best. Cats do not care that I want them to stay still or do something cute when I have a camera out. I have tried sneaking up on them. I have tried treats. I have tried pets. Let's face it, animals are difficult to photograph unless that have gigantic egos like the tuxedo cat Louie, in the first photo. He loves the camera and the camera loves that handsome devil.
I had to crawl under a table to photograph the kitty above and below, Zoe and Simba.
The photo below is of the late Naner-puss. I found it while I was looking though some older pictures. He looks like a sweet little lamb in this photo.
So sorry for the cat filler. Actually, not really because I am not-so-secretly a crazy cat lady.

I have more solid and thought-out plans for the rest of the week of posts like the start of a book review day or photographer review day, so please stay tuned during this week of film lag.


Cas said...

No excuses for the kitties!!! Bring em on. :) I love seeing other's kitty babies. :) They are all quite adorable.

Let It Be Raw said...

Aw thanks! I love my cats but retain some slight trepidation in sharing them in the blog world because there are already so many bloggers who talk about cats.

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