Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nick the Model


The film delay is over for now! I developed a roll of 120mm (which these three pictures are from) and a roll of 35mm. Both rolls span from June to the first week or so of July, and were taken mainly in the lovely and summery coyote valley foothills. If you are in the area (south San Jose or Morgan Hill) I definitely recommend you drive around the foothills that are filled with abandoned farms, old houses, wild oats, lakes, county parks and have a picnic. I feel lucky to have grown up exploring such a beautiful place.

These three pictures were taken on a foothill near my home called El Tulare with Nick D as a the ever-so-patient model. He is great to photograph and understands what to do when I ask him to move or look a certain way. So far, I practice with models like my significant other or friends but I am excited to eventually take pictures of people I don't know. People fascinate me and I love to photograph them.


Cas said...

Really really love the first picture. He looks great and the lighting is wonderful. :) Sea Marie

Let It Be Raw said...

Thanks! That one is my favorite of the three.

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