Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Studio Failure

Ok, so this wasn't a complete failure but more of a rushed and half-baked attempt to get things done for a project. I have 1 hours to set up the studio, photograph my friend, then drive off to Santa Cruz for an interview.

I really really wish I had access to the studio again so I could redo this. Chelsea and I had a great idea that required me dressing in drag that hopefully we will be able to do sometime in the future. Anyways, here is a behind the scenes look of what we did that day.

On the left, you can see part of the studio and lighting set up. On the right, I just cropped out everything that wasn't Chelsea and the background. I didn't think through the lighting so things came out a little grey and dark. In hindsight, I should have done digital because I'm more familiar with using a digital camera in a studio. Live and learn!

I thought this was a sweet one of Chelsea. This "failure" made me realize that I really need to practice studio lighting so that I can branch out into commercial work. Chelsea is also a great model! We did a special Halloween themed photo shoot in my garage last October. Click here to check it out!

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cb said...

i still think these look really great but it is always great to learn and from that you grow.

Elisha(: said...

you are so so so pretttyy!! I'm your 98th follower!!! (:

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