Monday, February 6, 2012

Printing Paper 3

I freaking love Point Lobos! If you live or visit California and find yourself on the central coast, Point Lobos is worth the trip. Especially right now with this oddly warm weather in January. Did I mention that you can see whales from the shore because they stop by Monterey during winter on their way to Alaska? And that there are sea otters? I could talk about this place all day, but I would rather just go there.

Here are some tree prints from the Point Lobos hike I went on last Saturday. They came out a bit high in contrast, so I may have to go back and reprint them if I have time. I need 20 prints for this project by late March and so far I have 6. I'm feeling the pressure!
point lobos 2

point lobos 3

This Saturday I plan on going to Mt Madonna to hike and photograph. It's a beautiful park nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains with gorgeous hiking paths, a few ruins, and meadows. There is also an enclosure of white deer. There were two deer given as gifts to Henry Miller (one of the guys who founded Gilrtoy) who owned the park land. They're kept in a enclosure because they're non-native.

Whats your favorite park?

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cb said...

i love those trees, one of my favorite thing about california coast line. i need to see these white deer! they sound so amazing! can't wait!

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