Monday, February 27, 2012

Favorite Blogs, pt.2

Pt 2 of favorite blogs, view Pt 1 here.

I love California, and I love poetry. Thank god that Devin does too! He writes poetry about California that your children will read in school one day. He also shares some wonderful and interesting things about the history of California.

Image of SF after the 1906 quake.
Another California blog based in San Francisco. CB goes on the cutest excursions around the bay area, has a unique style, makes her own clothes, makes jewelry, and is extra awesome because she made me a sweet hat.

(hat by CB, pic by me)

She does portraits of her friends as zombies! How cool is that?

California artist and sharer of wonderful coast and wilderness images from flickr. I feel like I'm listening to the beach boys on a warm summer beach day when I look at her blog.

enchantment fishing
K. Miller Photographs
Inspirational photographer who recently quit her day job to become a full time photographer. I want to do that some day.


cb said...

yay so many other awesome california blogs! thanks for including me sweetie! can't wait to check out the rest!

Beth said...

your picture is so cute!!

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