Sunday, February 26, 2012

Favorite Blogs pt. 1

Since I quit doing the button swap, I forgot that there hasn't been a way for any follower to see what blogs I enjoy. They're great for inspiration, tips, community, sharing, idea swapping, enjoyment, and much more. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order:

One of the first blogs I ever followed and what a gem it is. I don't know these bloggers at all, but I love everything they've ever posted and secretly wish we were friends because they post vidoes of the spice girls. Ah, the internet.

Nothing makes me happier then people who make art, especially painters. Painting is always something I've tried but never really succeeded at, so I really like to check out painter's works and styles. Lexie also shares a lot of work from artists that influence her work or that she likes.

(art by Paul Binnie)
Cat versus Human
Cats are jerks (but I love them anyways) and this blog proves it.

(art by Yasmine of Cat vs Human)
Another one of the first blogs I ever followed. I get all my zombie pop culture updates from here. How else would I have found out about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? I kid you not.

I get a lot of very useful blog design, color use, and html tips from here. This blog is a great resource!

My Four Eyed Fantasy
Career crush blog? I don't know how else to describe it. I want her photography job, she got to photograph Mindy Kaling from the Office!

1 comment:

cb said...

cat vs human is a great blog! so funny and so true. cats rule this world or maybe just the internet!

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