Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Medium Format

I use my medium format camera sparingly, and have been taking my time with this last roll of film. It spans from the beginning of July to Monday of this week. The camera still needs many things, like a new battery for the light meter and some sort of janky home-made UV filter for the lens. I'm still figuring out the details... Anyways, let's start from the beginning of July.

Ryan + Alexis

July 5th was my cousin's wedding. I took advantage of how well dressed my brother and his girlfriend were so I cold add some cute couple pictures to my portfolio. Aren't they cute?

This picture is kind of funny. I think it's the sunglasses that makes this image look like a "hey, we're cool" kind of thing, but really we were at the beach and it was really bright out.


More camping photos from Memorial state park. The first is of an uprooted tree that was near our campsite, and the second is of the sun setting in the trees.

And lastly, these two images are from Sunol Regional Wilderness. My friend Lev and I hike all around so he could research for his geology thesis. I learned a lot about rock and land falls that day. It was awesome.

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