Friday, August 5, 2011

Starving Artist


This is a reprint from a negative I developed and printed that is available now at my store. I would like to add more of my photography, but I can't do so until most of what I have up in my Etsy store is sold (I'm not kidding about the starving artist thing). If you're interested in this print or others, please check out my Etsy. I would also love input about the look, quality, and prices in my store.

I put my heart into taking and printing all of my film photography because I love film, but I do get discouraged some times. I still feel closer to my goal of having a small business where I get to make art every day, but starting from scratch is a trial.



Remember these two cuties? I'm selling them on Etsy (check it out here). I have way too many mugs and owl related things, but if you're an avid owl collector I'm sure this pair would make a lovely addition to your collection!

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