Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Review #8

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This weeks book review is White Noise by Don Delillo. I reread it recently, not having read it for a few years. It's a book that puts me in a strange and critical mood that makes me want to go to the supermarket and investigate consumer products.

It's that kind of book. It based around consumerism, people distancing themselves from death, children being more prepared for life than their parents, image, and an air-born toxic event. It's a book that reminds me to be critical of my surroundings and the way in which advertisements affect me. But most importantly, it's a book that is critical of American culture and the underlying problems and issues faced by Americans in a consumerist world. Do Americans and other people hide behind the things they buy? Do we feel safer when we're shopping or when we see the news on TV of distant disasters?

But, in the end it is only a book. Like anything I read, I take what I want from it and apply it to my life.

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