Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Planning For Fall

I'm not yet ready for Summer to end, but I can't help thinking about projects and plans for Fall. The air will be crisp and I will be able to photograph rosy cheeks and mushrooms!


Paul, Eric and John

Nick and Jack

Blog Projects for Fall

  • Jewelry Tutorials (I have one for this Thursday!)
  • Sleepy Time Tincture Tutorial (I made some for friends a couple years ago and they turned out OK. This year they will be better.)
  • Mushroom foraging and photography
  • Recipes to share (I might have one for next week). I can't photograph on an empty stomach! That would be unheard of.
  • A give away possibly? If people are interested, I would love to give stuff to them.
  • More black and white photography
I know that list isn't very long, but each item is a lot of thought at work. Do you have any plans for Fall?


cb said...

can't wait for all these awesome projects but i too don't want summer to end, i need more warm sunshine!!!

Let It Be Raw said...

I have fall fever cause it's so friggin' hot today.

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