Monday, October 1, 2012

Golden Gate Park pt5

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Part 5 of this Golden Gate Adventure takes you to the San Francisco Model Yacht Club. Complete with port hole designed windows on the doors. I didn't get to go inside the building unfortunately - it would have been nice to get some close ups of model boats. But, I did get some pictures of club members racing their model yachts.


There is something recreational for everyone in Golden Gate Park. And if model boats, archery, hiking, walking, running, BBQing, horse shoes, botany, tennis, biking etc is not your thing, then please, be distracted by the buffalo that hang out in the park:


cb said...

My favorite parts of ggp! The bison are so great, i love seeing them whenever i go visit my friends in the outer sunset!

Anonymous said...

I love the buffalo! They are such cool looking animals.

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