Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dear Fall...

  • I am stoked for Fall. I work at a University and all the new students have just moved in - there is so much excitement in the air! It's quite contagious and a little exhausting, but I enjoy it.

  • It is also the very beginning of the fungi season! I recently joined the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz and have so far attended one meeting. I have found my people. I'm going to be taking identifying classes, attending forays, eating delicious mushroom meals, and exploring the Santa Cruz mountains. When it rains, it spores! Get ready for massive amounts of fungus pictures.

  • I am also planning a Fall camping trip in Big Sur during November. It might rain, and it might be cold, but the ocean will be beautiful and I will be able to explore the forests for mushrooms.

  • Soup time will be here very soon - I friggn' love making soup! It's a surprise every time as I throw ingredients into a pot and hope for the delicious best.

  • And, one of my favorite things about Fall - the pumpkin patch!

What are you looking forward to this Fall?


cb said...

i have always wanted to go on the fungi hunt in santa cruz! i should look that up and see when it is! at the food festival they were selling a mushroom kit and i think i may order one! i looooove mushroom!

Anonymous said...

I love that last picture. I wish I could live in a pumpkin patch. Really though, everything about Fall has got me overjoyed. The weather, the holidays, the layered clothing, the FOOD! I love it all.

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