Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5 Important Things

My good friend Eric posted about the 5 most important things in his life the other day (which you can read here). He said many wonderful things and more importantly reminded me of what should matter. I get wrapped up in unimportant matters and situations, so creating a list of important things really brings me back to a perspective I'd rather have.

1. Friends and Family: a no brainer, right? They'll support me when I declare outrageous things, experience hell, dye my hair to the color of rotten avocados and be real with me when I need it. Even with simple things like... "Should I eat the deep fried twinkie?" friend "I will split it with you". BEST ANSWER EVER. (We ended up not eating the deep fried twinkie btw).

2. Photography: it makes me happy. It is something I can do that is creative, artful, expressive, thoughtful, makes me feel great, I can give it way, share it with others, learn constantly from it, is a stress reliever, and has become a huge part of my life. There is nothing more simple to me than doing what makes me happy.

3. Feminism: I strive to support my local community, support women artists, make a point of learning theory, explain others why I am proud of who I am, promote what I can, pay attention and spread information about laws passed (or planned to be set) against women's bodies and well being, be aware of pop culture, educate myself and the like. It's about being aware and giving a shit.

4. Food: a great way to experience community and share with others. It's important for me to eat quality food (Santa Cruz is ideal for this because of the nearby farms and weekly markets), support local places, share with my neighbors, family and friends. When I was little, I would help my mom bake treats around the holidays and deliver them to the doors of my neighbors. During summer, my family gives veggies to the neighbors. If someone is terribly ill or going through a difficult time, a neighbor or loved one brings over a casserole. I like to BBQ and encourage people to join me and throw something on the grill. Food supports community and sharing.

5. Education: I like to say that I am an amateur of many things. What I mean by that is this - I really enjoy trying and learning new things. I do not feel like a complete person unless I'm learning something new. I take classes, question people about their passions, I read books, and immerse myself in trial and error.

Learning about fungi - by book, by hikes, by classes, by picking 
What is important to you?


Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Sometimes we all get wrapped up in the material aspects of life, and need to remember to focus on really living. And I agree that it's so important to always keep learning! I love your new banner btw, if I didn't mention that already.

cb said...

I love this post!!!! I,love learning new things too, i think it is so important to continue to grow and expand your mind. Would you mind if i did this same post and link it back to you? I ove that picture of the lights, soooo cool!

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