Monday, October 29, 2012

Fungus Identification #01

A new series post all about mushrooms!

Found this little guy on the edge of a lawn and underneath a rosemary bush.



Staining yellow when cut.
Making a spore print underneath the glass!

Lovely chocolate brown spores. You don't have to put a glass over a cap to make a spore print, but it does help with creating detail. You can see each line of the mushrooms gills in this print.

After consulting my identification book (I use Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora), I found this mushroom to be a yellow staining agaricus, or agaricus xanthodermus. Very common on lawns, sides of roads, meadows, pretty much all over the place.


cb said...

I am loving this new series! I get to live vicariously thru you since i cant go mushroom forging!

Anonymous said...

That mushroom print is so cool. I didn't know you could do such a thing. I can see you making a whole series of mushroom prints from your forages.

Melissa said...

Beautiful! I love mushrooms.

<3 Melissa

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