Thursday, October 20, 2011

B sides 2

I have more b sides from the roll. These two where deliberate because they where too good to pass up on film. Sometimes, a scary black bird is dead at the beach and your friend happens to look like Mary in an outcropping of sandstone:

"dead sea bird"
Dead Sea Bird

"The Madonna"
The Madonna

Definitely a little spirituality/death thing going on in these two images. That was not intentional, but I kinda like it. Sometimes there are things like these subjects that make me take a picture before I even have a thought to think about it.

This happens a lot with spiritual/death related subjects:

"small animal skull"


"god rock"
God Rock 2

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I am self-promoting the crap out of myself.


cb said...

that skull picture is great!!!! really really love how that one came out!

Let It Be Raw said...

Thanks! I'm still not quite sure what kind of animal it was...

Anonymous said...

That dead bird is so creepy! But I love the contrast of it against the sand in b&w... how it just pops out! It's so sharp as well.

Sarbear said...

Love the composition of the little skull photo.


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