Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Review #14

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This weeks book review, in keep up with a spooky October is Stephrn King's The Shining. I'm sure there are a lot of you that have seen the movie:

Or, if this trailer is too intense, you can watch the trailer edited to be like an 80s family movie:

It's a classic horror/suspense movie where people are seeing things and going nuts. Let me just say, like many movies from books, the book is better (it's way more effed up and scary). One of the main characters, Jack, is appointed care taker of the Overlook Hotel for 5 months with only his family for company. Jack slowly becomes affected by the evilness in the hotel and strange things happen to his family while they are there.

In the movie, it's suspenseful and artistically done. You know straight from the beginning that there is definitely something wrong with Jack Torrence, who doesn't really win over an audience with a smile or conversation (thanks to Jack Nicholson's creepy face and demeanor).

However, the book Jack is still not the best guy, but he seems to have more humanity and hopeful chance. This might be because the book is more concerned with the past and this uncanny way it's replayed in the present (through evil design in the hotel) to trap Jack and his family.

I won't kid you, I scared myself while reading this book because I read most of it at night. A lot of the time I felt like I was being watched from behind. And, I am also now forever scared of hedge animals. Thanks, Stephen King.

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