Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mt. Madonna

Sometime during winter, 2006/7, I hiked off-trail with John, Paul, and Eric. It is one of the best hikes I have ever been on, next to another hike in Mt. Madonna that involved trespassing and a stagnant lake. Adventuring with a camera is difficult because I put myself second to the camera. If I fall, I hold the camera up in the air from damage. If Eric accidentally pushes a falling tree towards me, I shield the camera. Needless to say, after this hike I was very bruised and scratched. Photographing in the forest is another challenge. Besides the safety of the camera, the lighting is usually fairly dark from shadows, which is why many of these photos are so soft and pale looking. I used slow exposures and was probably not balanced well where ever I was standing which gives softer rather than sharper images. The colors are mixed with purples and blues of shadows, which gives most of the photos an unreal color palate.


John K said...

that was easily one of the best hikes i've ever had, too.

also, that first picture is my absolute favorite of the three of us. thank you for being there and keeping/sharing these pictures.

Let It Be Raw said...

Thanks, John. I love that picture too because of the closeness and friendliness. I want to go to Seattle and take some pictures there!

John K said...

sorry i'm so late to respond. i'm too used to notifications nowadays =/.

please come! it's so beautiful here. don't come until after you've beaten that scary class schedule you just posted, though. it'll be summer by then. that means the turtles will be out to say hi.

you can expect to see michelle and me sometime in the next few months as well. we both really want to visit.

Let It Be Raw said...

I still get excited about turtles. haha
I want to go and visit you and Michelle so bad! But I will also be pleased to have you come here and visit me. Make sure you come over before august because that is when my lease ends.

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