Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Documentary Stage

This is the stage of my photographic life occurs in the summer after taking photography classes during the school year (2006). These pictures are from June, and the next five or so posts after this will be dedicated to the first few months or so that I bothered to give a time stamp to. After that, I will be relying on my memory.
These labeled months, summer into winter, are what I would call the documentary stage because I took my camera with me where ever I went. I did not stay in one area for too long because my friend base had been dispersed by college life and new communities. I was desperate to be around my close friends and visited them as much as I could because the separation that college created was very painful. These pictures are then not following a project or a focused attempt of creativity, but more of a frenzied attempt to keep memories and people together.The three different backgrounds are a few of the places I called home during June. They are El Tulare, John's kitchen, Devin's house, and Elizabeth's house. These homes/backgrounds appear too many times to count in my collection of negatives.

1 comment:

Mary said...

You did an excellent job of capturing your friends. It seems that June was a very busy month for you.

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